Small Presses: Opportunities for Unagented Writers

WRITERS WANTED:  For my blogging friends who are writers, perhaps this would be of interest?

Cindy Fazzi

HessCollectionHommage-CindyFazziPic “Hommage” by Leopoldo Maler, Hess Collection Winery’s Art Gallery, Napa Valley (photo by Cindy Fazzi).

Two small publishers are open to unagented and unsolicited submissions within the next few weeks. Tayen Lane Publishing is seeking short stories for two anthologies until the end of March, while Black Balloon Publishing will consider manuscripts in April. Both companies publish a wide range of fiction and nonfiction books.

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6 responses

  1. I like to write short stories but I get nervous in submitting them. One of these days, Diane. . . ❤ Thanks for sharing this news and link!

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    1. I’ve never entered a contest or anything. Maybe later this year. Blogging is all I can handle right now, lol!


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