Jackson’s Trust…

Jackson's Trust (Fourth Down, #1)Jackson’s Trust by Violet Duke

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

I haven’t done a romance review in awhile and I’m glad I had this one to read and review right now, because I really liked this fun and sexy book that’s the first in a new sports series by Violet Duke.  I would have given the book five stars but I felt the beginning was a little slow moving and the ending brought in some unusual events that didn’t seem to mesh with the rest of the story.

That said, all the chapters in between are fabulous fun in a story of brilliant network sports analyst Jackson Gray being asked to mentor newly hired sideline reporter Leila Hart in this football oriented story.  Jackson immediately senses that Leila is hiding a keen understanding of the game and he can’t imagine why.

The two begin a very flirtatious and fun working relationship, both vowing they won’t allow their attraction to turn into anything more. And Jackson admits he has some deep, dark secrets, as well, which we find out about late in the story.  Sports and romance, what could be better?

I received this as an ARC from NetGalley.

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  1. If more romance novels included football, male readership may go up. It’s an under-served niche. 😃

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      1. But I’m not a writer. I guess I could be a consultant, for the football data. If anybody’s interested, I’m available…for a fee, of course. 😃

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      2. This book was filled with pretty technical stuff about algorithms and things they use to predict games. I like football, but I just tuned all that technical stuff out, lol. Or maybe you could be a cover model 😉

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      3. Hmmm. Not certain there’d be much demand for a 47 year old, beach bum looking, dad to model. Fabio I’m not! Thank god! 😃

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      4. Oh, no, Fabio is so yesterday…

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      5. He’s always been so yesterday! 😃


  2. Sports and romance? I think that it would be a popular theme. 🙂


    1. It is in a lot of romance cause the players are always hot, young, in shape and wealthy (in the books anyway!)

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  3. I love football! I’ll have to check this out!


  4. I liked reading this. Seriously, I don’t think sports would drive more male readers to romance novels. More novels blending the lines between suspense, thriller, and espionage genres with romance would do the trick. That is what I have tried to with my novels. Interesting post to read.

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    1. Absolutely, I agree. This is set in the football world and there lots of behind the scenes stuff, but it’s not about football. Sports is good for romance novels cause it’s young men, in good shape and they’re always hot! I like a combination mystery/romance or rom/com. Have you self-published or not going that route?

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      1. Trying to avoid it. I went to school to learn screenwriting to open up more avenues. If i sell a screenplay, literary agents will run to me.

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  5. Football and romance, a deadly combo… 😛


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