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Kiss Me in Christmas (Christmas, Colorado, #6)Kiss Me in Christmas by Debbie Mason

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was one of my favorites of the Christmas series that I’ve read so far. Chloe O’Connor and her twin sister Cat were introduced in a previous book, but this one works fine as a standalone.

Chloe is a well-known soap opera star, a diva who made a lot of people’s lives difficult, so the rest of the cast don’t really mind too much when her character is killed off. But Chloe hates it because her soap opera character is her life, her identity. So she’s licking her wounds by the time she returns home to Christmas, Colorado where her mother insists she make an appearance at her sister’s engagement party. She’s especially overwrought about seeing Easton McBride, the former high school football player she had a crush on back in school the whole while she was a chubby, bespectacled duckling who turned into a gorgeous swan her senior year. But she played a dangerous jealous prank on Easton, pretending to be Cat, after he dated her self-confident cheerleader twin, pretty much ending all hope of her and Easton remaining friends.

Easton is working in security after injuring his leg badly while serving in the Middle East and he doesn’t want anyone’s pity, particularly haughty Chloe O’Connor’s. It’s easy to dislike someone like Chloe, but in this book we see glimpses of a sweet and generous girl she really is, one who never felt good enough growing up. She had heart problems as a small child and suffers from severe panic attacks because of it. But no one’s ever figured that out before Easton, preferring to think our little diva is just a huge drama queen.

The sparks really start to fly when Easton decides to teach Chloe a lesson for acting the way she did in high school and his little prank backfires completely on him when he starts seeing her as the sweet girl he played chess with back in high school and falling in love.  But what chance do Easton and Chloe have at a relationship when her life is in L. A. and the acting world and his is firmly entrenched in Christmas?  It’s a cute book that had me rooting for the seemingly spoiled little diva!

I received this as an ARC from the publisher through NetGalley.


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  1. Back to some nice reviews!

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    1. Thanks! They were all due today!

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      1. You are a great reviewer and writer! I want my story!!! Where is it! haha kidding but I am waiting for more of Jamie (Janie) haha


  2. I apologize in advance for what I am about to say. However, as I am an avid reader (2-4 books per week) I feel justified to voice my opinion. Some of my favorite authors are Robyn Carr, RaeAnne Thayne, Sheryl Woods & Sheila Roberts to name a few. I picked up Kiss Me in Christmas thinking it would be comparable & was gravely disappointed. Such an over abundance of multi generacial air-headed characters who are related & a plot line so trite it was painful. It definitely proved to me you can’t judge a book by its cover. FOUR out of 5 stars, really?


  3. I’m sorry you didn’t agree with me on this book. I read all the authors you named, too, and, I try to be fair in my reviews. I can’t seem to find your blog. Is there a reason you wish to be anonymous? Since you have such strong opinions, I would think you’d stand behind them.


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