Monday Musings…

Lots going on lately…

1)  My kiddos’ new house will be ready soon, which means they’ll be moving out, taking my little JP with them — unless, of course, he won’t go!  He loves his room at Nana and Papa’s house a whole bunch.  I’m going to miss them all 😦

2)  My EPT Keith is going to have me come into the gym only twice a week now, which means one of two things:  I’m improving and he thinks I can do some of the working out on my own.  Or I’m hopeless and he feels guilty taking my money 🙂

3)  I’ve been neglecting my reading and book reviews cause I’m having such a good time working on my story of Jamie and her article on picking up guys…I need to find a balance, right??

4)  I’m afraid I haven’t kept up with accepting awards and I want you to know that I really do appreciate the nominations and all the new followers, I just run out of time to respond.  But thanks so much!

5)  The weather is getting nicer, the days are getting longer, spring and baseball can’t be far away!



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  1. Oh no! JP can’t go! Oh dear! I love those conversations. Lovely musings of thinking aloud.

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    1. Me, too! I’ll still babysit him on Tuesday and Thursday but it won’t be quite the same…

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  2. Nice weather sounds good. We have snow headed this way. =\


    1. I’m around Chicago so they’re saying maybe/maybe not middle of the week. I’m going with maybe not!


  3. Lots going on in your life. Good luck!

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  4. JP will love to come on weekends to visit (and give some together time to his parents) ??? or with less time needed on the gym now , you can pick him up twice a week for a little program just the two of you ??? Balance , balance 😀
    Turtle Hugs

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    1. I’ll still babysit him twice a week while they work, so that’s good, just not quite the same…

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      1. Yes , not quite the same as having him living with you …

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      2. I know and that’s the part that makes me sad!

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  5. Aw, little JP! Still Tuesday and Thursday with Nana will be nice! And hey good news about Keith! I’m going with the whole “improving” thing! 🙂

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    1. I’m afraid to ask him! 🙂 And the kids are so excited about their house and I know they need their space!

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  6. Will they live very far away from you? Oh so sad! I like the new series with Jamie! It is very interesting and well written, would love to see more! xxx

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    1. Thanks! No, they’ll be pretty close by, thank goodness, and they’re excited about their house and need more space!

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  7. You are right! Cubs pitchers and catchers reported last week. Position players report tomorrow. So of course it will snow here. 🙂


  8. Life is always full of so many actions… 🙂

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