Rough and Rugged Cowboy Romance…

How to Wrangle a Cowboy (Cowboys of Decker Ranch, #3)How to Wrangle a Cowboy by Joanne Kennedy

My rating: 3.75 of 5 stars

I think I can safely say there’s not too much that’s more appealing than a rough and rugged cowboy who also happens to be a single parent to a sweet little boy. And if he’s a sexy ranch foreman who’s taking care of business while looking after the elderly ranch owners, even better!

Lindsey Ward left her grandparents’ ranch years before after her granddad issued an ultimatum to not return if she married her fiancee. Even though her marriage fell apart, Lindsay never returned to the ranch until she was summoned for her grandad’s funeral. She’s hoping he forgave her and left her some small token of his affection, so imagine her shock when she finds she’s inherited the entire ranch she knows nothing about running.

Shane Lockhart had a rough beginning in life and ended up in foster care but he’s worked his way up to foreman of the ranch owned by Bud and Grace Ward. He has been working for the Wards for years and surreptitiously looking after them, especially lately as Grace has been suffering from the beginnings of dementia and she seems even more confused now that Bud is gone. When Shane finds out that veterinarian Lindsey has inherited the ranch, he hopes she will be anxious to just return to her out-of-town practice and leave him to continue running things. So imagine his shock when she decides she’ll probably sell the ranch and put the money into an animal rescue project, leaving him out of a job and his son without the only home he’s known.

Now, you know there’s going to be some Wyoming fireworks between these two as they try to work things out while fighting the ever growing sparks of attraction.  This releases today, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

I received this as an ARC from NetGalley. It’s the third book in a series, but works just fine as a stand alone novel.


3 responses

  1. Only 3.75? I worry when you dip below 4!

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    1. I feel bad doing it; it was a nice romance but just nice, you know, not fabulous… 🙂

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      1. Rough and rugged cowboy, though! Oh well… 🙂

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