To Love…


Another year has flown since we celebrated; time is slippery now as we try to grab it and say hold on, wait, we have so much to do and we need lots and lots of years yet…

We’ve built wondrous things together — a house, a home, a family, chaotic and busy, and found peaceful sanctuary within each other’s arms…

Cake, candles, cards, presents, even fireworks, none of it could say well enough how precious you are, how glad I am that you are here on this Earth and in my world…

Father of my children, wonderful husband, love of my life, happy birthday…

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  1. What a lovely tribute.

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    1. Thank you, he’s a wonderful hubby!

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  2. Now that’s the way to blow up smart phones, tablets and any electrically operated technical reading device. Make people cry on them. 😇

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      1. *blows* wipes snot from cheek.

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      2. Snorting coffee out of my nose!

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  3. Great tribute! Happy B-Day!!!

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    1. He’s pretty great and he’s put up with me for a long time now!

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  4. […] To Love from Diane of Lady who lunch reviews. […]

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  5. Soul mates are tough to come by; so glad you found yours! Blessings!


    1. Thanks, we are! And the fact that we’re too old and tired to change now might have somethin to do with it:)

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  6. So eloquently stated, would love to put that in a card for my husband (but he’d think I’d been switched to someone else when he wasn’t looking -LOL)

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    1. Bah hah hah! My hubby said, did you really mean it or were just practicing writing? I was like, well, both…

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  7. Good morning!
    I am stopping in to let you know I’ve nominated you for the Bloggers Recognition Award. If you would like to read the post here is the link:
    Thanks and have a great day!


  8. This was such a lovely tribute to the special man in your life. That is so sweet.


  9. A very lovely tribute. 🌷🌷🌷


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