Through My Eyes

A lovely, sweet poem by The Lonely Author! Hoping he knows I’m reblogging cause I never see my comments on his site and think they are going into his spam (which seems to happen a lot!)   Or I might be the only girl in the world that the little chimp is ignoring, sniff 😦

The Lonely Author

girl in mirror

Through My Eyes

When I tell you that you’re beautiful
you don’t believe a word I say
when I tell you you’re amazing
you smile and walk away
you focus on a new wrinkle
complain about an extra pound or two
yet my opinion never matters
you swear I have no clue

You distort the vision before you
haven’t the faintest reason why
but you always fail to acknowledge
that mirrors never lie
perhaps I could help you love yourself
help you spread your wings and fly
if only you could admire your reflection
through my eyes

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8 responses

  1. This chimp is so flattered. He would never ignore you or any other lovely lady. (Yeah, I have ignored a few hairy dudes). LOL To find this post on a page that I believe is primarily for women’s fiction is an honor. Perhaps, if I can keep up the good work, I may be able to eventually orbit in the Nicholas Sparks stratosphere. Seriously. I am so honored by your gesture. And I truly wish all of the women of this world who do not like what they see in the mirror, could see themselves through my eyes. Thanks. Grateful.

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    1. I started out thinking I’d just review books but I’m easily distracted! So I’m writing more fiction and have gotten some nice feedback. You definitely resonate with women and I love your sense of humor. Nothing is better than a sexy read with some humor, IMHO! I’m sure you’d do great with that genre. (I’ve been reblogging romantic posts this month and next)

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      1. When you reblog anything I write, please contact me. So I can respond. And please feel free to reblog. Well, I think you know how I feel about the romance. So, we will be talking often.

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      2. Thanks, will do. And keep writing, love to read your blog!

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      3. Adn I am contacting wordpress about the problem

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      4. Yeah, I’m not sure what it is. All of a sudden lots of people were telling me there was a problem,

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