Romance Isn’t Dead

Who knew that Windex would be such a turn on? Or Pledge? Or a vacuum? We’re easy to please, guys! Writer Libby Cole shares her thoughts on romance and happy hormones …

Libby Cole

I’m a sappy romantic. I’ll admit it. So unexpected from a romance author, I know! Flowers, chocolates, big gestures, sign me up. But after the flowers have wilted and the chocolates mysteriously disappeared, there’s some really weird things I find romantic.

If I get home after a long day, and the house is all clean and tidy without me ever saying a word about it, then you can bet I’m suddenly in the mood. If dinner’s made as well, then all bets are off.

And I’m not talking in the mood as in, “OK, here’s your reward”. As in I’m suddenly physically very attracted to my husband and not in the mood to waitA clean house has somehow become a major turn on. What?

40331b7e1bff315124ae08febdb491c5 Tell me that’s not doing something for you

Which makes me feel very old fashioned! It’s not as if I’m usually responsible for all the…

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  1. I just noticed your comments ended up as spam. I don’t know why. My wordpress app has been giving me lots of problems lately.


  2. I like the idea of giving time and energy or making something together, trying out dancing. Not diamonds nor fancy clothes but something “real” and shared time is the best! ♡♡

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