Echoes of My Neighborhood…



I racked my brain for something to come up with for Jackie’s Thursday challenge over at a cooking pot and twisted tales and decided on this picture, cause it’s where I’ve been spending a LOT of time in the last several weeks getting physical therapy for my knee injury.  I like to say it was a sports injury, but it was more like a falling off my shoe when going up and down the stairs injury 😉

I’m happy to say my knee is a lot better, but my evil therapist Howie is still quite the sadist…unless he’s reading this, and then he’s wonderful!


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  1. I hear your phone ringing…that’s Howie on Line 1…he’d like a word with you…

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    1. 🙂 I do tell him to his face, he just doesn’t seem to care — imagine that

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  2. I have arthritis in several joints in my fingers. I’ve convinced Waco it’s because of my years “straining at the strings” of my rock n roll guitar. She doesn’t have to know it’s just regular old arthritis. I prefer her to think me a rock God.


    I will keep the secret about falling of your shoe if you will keep mine…

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    1. Every time I comment on one of your posts, nothing! I never see it on your site. Do you not love me at all or are they going into your spam??

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      1. Just a sec, let me check…

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      2. Welp, I just found 10 comments from you in spam…not sure why they ended up there. In fact, your comments were the only non-spam comments in there.

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      3. Just my luck 😦 or maybe you’re just saying that…

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  3. I have the same problem with that kind of injury, OMG you are too funny ❤


    1. Thank you! You know how it is, sometimes if you don’t laugh, you’d be crying!


      1. I am nursing so many injuries right now !!! I look like a raggedy ann doll. The cat got spooked and gouged my hand really good, then I fell in the driveway on the ice and skinned my knee. The little to is still black & blue from my Christmas injury…OMG I am such a klutz…:)

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      2. OMG, you are a hot mess!! Right before Christmas I tripped on my son’s English bulldog and, to avoid hurting my knee any worse, I instead fell into the pantry door and got a black & blue mark on my forehead. We are quite the pair!


      3. My house is so dangerous too !!! 🙂


  4. hahaha love how you describe your injury and Howie!


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