Six Ways To Make It To Another Wedding Anniversary

Many, many thanks to my friend, Bruce, who writes lifeattitudes and sportsattitudes for giving me this lovely link to reblog for my romance postings.  He wrote it April 17, 2011, on his wedding anniversary. We’re so much alike I tell him he’s like my brother from another mother!  And it’s always nice to hear a gentleman’s perspective.


Today is my wedding anniversary.

Six ways we’ve made it almost three decades now:

1. See your partner through a big ol’ telescope, not a teeny, tiny microscope.  You have to look at the 50,000-foot view and not micro-manage or escalate incidents or disagreements.  Most definitely, stay within the confines of the subject at hand and don’t drag the “kitchen sink” into the room (even if you’re in the kitchen).  Remember why you got together in the first place and all the great qualities and ideals your partner possesses.  Have them front and center in your mind at all times. 

2. Get the last word by apologizing.  So many arguments can be ended with…”sorry.” (it worked for me just yesterday…)

3. Know what being a best friend means and work towards your partner being your best friend.  Lots of people are together for years but have that “other person” in their life they call their best friend.  No reason why you…

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5 responses

  1. Hey thanks for sharing that! Bruce and I might be neighbors!


    1. Do all the best people come from Philly??

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  2. Bruce is great, thanks for sharing!

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    1. I think I found him through your site originally. We have such fun some times, he is great!

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