Baby Bump Ahead!

Dear Lord, no, it’s not me!!  My wonderful nephew, Dan, and his wife announced their big news on her blog.  Isn’t Michelle creative?? They will be wonderful parents and hopefully Walter will keep his resolution about the baby toys!

Inky Pinky DIY

We are sharing some BIG news on the blog today! Dan and I would like to announce that we’re expecting our first child this June!

Be a Great Dad

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    1. She’s so creative, isn’t she?


  1. Congrats! And I’m sure Walter will be a great Dad too!

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    1. Bruce, Walter is the dog 😉

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      1. I knew that..was my attempt at canine humor “barking” up the wrong tree?

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      2. Snorting coffee out my nose! No, I was hoping you were making a joke! But then I thought, maybe he didn’t have his reading glasses on… 🙂

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    1. Michelle is a doll and she’s so creative. Her blog is all kinds of stuff she’s made/around the house for very little money

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      1. Wow very cool I will check it out!


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