A New Routine…

Lately the romance, the tingles, the sighs

Seem just out of reach of everyday life

A hug and a pat and a peck on the cheek, 

No comfort at all for the ache of her thighs…


She misses the spark, the crackle, the zing

But who can sustain it forever and ever

Drabness and routine are becoming the norm

Desperate, she searches for signs of a fling…


Always exhausted, he says it’s his job

The travel, the calls, his excessive hours

Constantly working till he sneaks into bed

She turns to her pillow to muffle her sobs…


She weeps for lost kisses, the desire in his eyes

Nights spent wrapped in each other’s arms

With nothing but moonlight touching their bodies

When she felt like a beauty whatever her size…


Now polished and toned, ears filled with his lies

She glances at him in his traitorous slumber

He mumbles a name that isn’t her own

As she brushes away tears and plots his demise…


Goodbye Earl by The Dixie Chicks, not quite the same situation, but you get the idea!


15 responses

  1. Yes, I get the gist of the message.


    1. Oh, I just meant the video deals more with an abusive husband…


    1. Thank you, hope you liked the video!


    1. If you don’t know the song, you need to watch the video. Call it research 😉

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  2. I think I saw a movie years ago that was like this?


  3. I’m glad this appears to be fictional rather than autobiographical. Great post. Thank you for creating and sharing it.


    1. 🙂 hubby’s birthday is this month and I was going to write something sweet but afraid I might not have it in me, cause this is what I typed!

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      1. So…um…does he talk in his sleep?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Nope, I’m already wife no 2. He says he’d never get married again, just find a woman he hates and buy her a house. But I never presume, refer to myself as the current wife;)

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      3. I’m not yet to wife #2, but I believe in practice. I figure I might be a good spouse by 4 or 5.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I’m sure you will. And I figure it doesn’t hurt to have a plan in mind, just in case…

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