Monday Musings…

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and are getting ready to welcome 2016.   I’m kind of glad that things are getting back to what passes for normal at our house:


Sunday, I tripped over my son’s bulldog, Tank, who sneaks up on you like a ninja, and bumped into a cabinet, luckily protecting my injured knee but now sporting a lovely bump on my forehead…



J.P. has been busy rearranging my Nativity or what he refers to as “Jesus’ barn”.  Some days the figures are all lying down around the stable, sleeping, or perhaps the victims of some dread disease… and some days the people are crowded inside while the animals take care of Baby Jesus.  The set is an old one from Christmas Around the World, if anyone remembers that company that did home parties years ago.  They’re glass, but as long as he’s careful, I don’t mind.  He’s very precise with how he arranges them and it took me awhile to convince him that the Three Wise Men, Joseph and the shepherd were really men, even though they wore long robes and head coverings…


Our musical Seiko clock still plays a Christmas carol on the hour but I’m about ready to go back to regular music…


Back to physical therapy on Tuesday.   This is what that medieval torture machine looks like that they have me work out on: 


Well, okay, maybe it’s more like this:20151222_104123






We’re going out to dinner on New Year’s Eve and then to a friend’s house to play cards and await the New Year.  It’s a tradition we’ve observed for several years now and one we look forward to — and I think my kids are happy to celebrate on their own!

This week I have some reviews and book release bashes coming up that I think you’ll like…



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  1. Well, you’ve had a couple of interesting days. Easy on the leg and have a good week 😊

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    1. Thanks, it’s better! But, of course, when you feel better, you start to do more and that dog is going to be the death of me. He follows me around and appears out of nowhere!

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      1. He loves you obviously 😉

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  2. Busy ,busy, busy, you tire me out. But make me realise how lucky I am with children and their booby traps gone. No dog to be the death of me and I haven’t at this point in time got a bad leg. Happy New year and thanks for visiting my blog. My blog incidently is where I like to play, between tearing my hair out on the second draft of my book and writing . 😇

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    1. Thanks for stopping by! Oldest son and his family are with us while building a house, maybe 2 more months. I will both love and hate to see them go and regain some space!

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      1. You love it really, as would I… as long as we can see beyond. Have great fun with them. 😇

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  3. I used to love watching my kids play with their Fisher Price “Little People” (as we called them), action figures, stuffed animals, etc. Watching them mimic real life, through their perspective, with these characters was a hoot! Enjoy the time left with the family and Happy New Year!


    1. I do get the biggest kick out of him. I’ll still babysit two days a week when they move, so will enjoy that!

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  4. Great post. Sounds like you’ve got a great New Year’s party on the way. I love the pic. Keep working that leg! And watch out for the dog!


    1. Thanks, I’m trying! Hope you have some great plans for New Years, too…

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  5. I liked this post about the creche scene and allowing your son to play with it. I was wondering if you saw the post I found a story about a woman named Marlo Schalesky who wrote about the real “life-barn” which Jesus was born in, smelly and dirty. . .? It was so interesting and I re-painted my grandmother’s plaster of Paris figurines to reflect the darker complexion of the real characters in this Christmas story.
    Hope you and your family have wonderful celebrations for new year’s eve. I used to like gathering with friends playing cards, too. 🙂

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  6. My animals (dog and cat) are going to be the death of me someday. I’ve fallen flat on my face (fortunately no serious damage) more than once over the stupid dog. *sigh* but I love him. Your New Year’s Eve sounds fun! Have a good and safe time! PS- we need to talk about music Mondays! 😉


    1. Of course whenever you have time. I miss your Sunday music inspired story. This bulldog is so silent when he follows me around–rest of the time he’s snoring and hacking and belching and worse! But he’s such a needy little thing. What can you do??

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      1. He needs a bell on his collar!

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  7. haha love how he arranges the nativity scene! What a cutie!

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    1. Everything is a game when you’re 3!


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