Me & JP, Conversations with a 3-Year-Old…

20151005_103457JP is my three-year-old grandson.  He and his mom and dad and their English bulldog live with us while their new house is being built. One of the best things about having them there is spending time talking with him. It makes me hopeful for the next generation.  He is so wise and so much fun!  Here are some snippets of conversations with him:

JP:  I have to go potty, Nana.

Me:   Okay, run, quick like a bunny.  

JP:  You come too.  

Me:  Okay, I’m right behind you, my little dove.

JP:   You’re silly, Nana.


Me:  Justin, please stop making that noise!   (When he’s making a siren sound over and over)

JP:  I have a great idea, Nana.  How about if you cover your ears?


Me:  What are you doing?  There’s tissue everywhere.

JP:  These are my pets, Nana.   I’m brushing them.

Me:  Well, not that rooster ornament.  See how he’s all bristly?  It’s making the Kleenex get all over the couch.

JP:  (Lower lip trembling)   Sorry, Nana.

Me:  It’s okay, I’m not mad.  There’s the big Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.   Why don’t you brush him?

JP:   Okay!  (Scrubbing the reindeer’s eyes and under his tail)  Like Mommy cleans Tank.  (Their bulldog)


JP:  Daddy has big muscles.

Me:  I know, he’s a big guy.

JP:  His butt is big, too.


Me:  Hey, Bugs, you can come in.  I’m almost done getting dressed.   (Trying to wriggle into  jeans that were just washed and dried.  Ladies, you’ve all been there, right?)

JP:  Nana, are you dancing?



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  1. Children say the most amazing things, don’t they. I love hanging out with my grandchildren because they haven’t developed that polite conversation filter yet and it isn’t my job to develop it. Thanks for posting today.

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    1. Yes. It’s great. I’m planning a “poop” post soon, he’s always very honest!

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  2. “These are my pets, Nana. I’m brushing them.” Hilarious!

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    1. He’s just a wealth of material! Earning his keep;)


  3. My grandson is at the ‘no’ phase at the moment. I asked him if he ever says ‘yes’, but the reply was ‘no’. I then asked him if he’d like some cake…….

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    1. Good one! They are a lot of fun!

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  4. I loved this. It is so beautifully, perfectly, wonderfully 3.

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    1. Spoken like someone who knows a three year old!

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      1. I do. Some chronological, some simply 3.

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      2. Cocaine is a hell of a drug.


      3. You are too funny! Now I’m delicately snorting iced tea out of my nose and wishing it was a big old vodka and tonic!

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  5. Loving this innocent heartwarming exchange.God bless .

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    1. Oh, thank you so much! He’s truly a blessing and we’re loving the time we get to spend with him…

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  6. I love the logic of little kids! This is so great! Happiness and joy to you!

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    1. Thanks! It’s true, no filter — and I love that he’s comfortable telling me anything!

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  7. Hahahaha 😀 You cannot help but smile 🙂

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