Monday Musings…

So, do you remember me talking about hurting my knee back in October before we went on vacation?  I wish it was a cool sports injury, but I really didn’t do anything in particular, just running up and down the stairs and doing laundry, shopping, etc. before we left.  (Perhaps a little too much running and tennis in my younger days.)  And by the time we got off the four-hour flight to California, where I sat in the cramped middle seat on a full flight, my knee was killing me.

Well, after all this time it was still not much better and has been really slowing me down with the holiday preparations.  So my doctor suggested sending me for therapy.  I had three sessions last week with Howie, Evil sadistic torturer Physical Therapist.  He seemed like he’d be such a nice young man when I first met him.  Wrong!

Good news is he’s hopeful it’s a muscle issue rather than a tear or a joint problem.  I’ve always had back alignment problems and have seen a osteopath in the past, but apparently it’s back 😉 so EPT is also doing some back adjustments.

Bad news is I have to see EPT Howie three times a week for three more weeks at least and — who knew — the more you can do in therapy, the more they make you do?!  Leg lifts on your back, leg lifts on your side, stretches and resistance bands and big rubber balls and bridges and pedaling on a recumbent bike.  And more repetitions, always more!

So Friday EPT was like do 20 of each, then 20 more.  And I was like, what if I did ten on one leg and ten on the other and repeated?  Uh, no, Howie says, do it all with one leg first.  You can rest a few seconds in between.  Oh, right, cause that will make all the difference.  I wasn’t sure I’d be able to walk to my car let alone drive myself home afterwards.

So far, the best part is the ice pack they drape across you for several minutes at the end.  Friday I had one on my knee and one on my back.  But at my age, they can pick a joint, any joint, and ice away!


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  1. I’ve would also help keep your cocktail chilled! 😜 I’m sorry my friend! This stinks like a fart in an astronaut suit!

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    1. I literally almost snorted my iced tea out of my nose! You are too funny!!

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  2. I am so sorry, hopefully this will pay off in the end. Take care

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    1. I’m seeing improvement after one week, so think it will help!

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      1. That’s awesome, maybe chant that along with, “I don’t look good in orange” to remind yourself not to harm EPT 😉 haha

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      2. Excellent idea, I’ll tell him that tomorrow!


  3. I am one who was in a rather non physical job 7 years ago, moved into working in an auto parts warehouse and I “feel your pain.” I hope since it was irritated in October and you are still trying to fix the muscles through therapy, it will eventually improve. Take care and hope you have a lovely holiday season. Smiles, Robin


    1. Thanks, it’s getting better, but so aggravating! Especially now when I have so much to do!


  4. So sorry about that. Must be discomfiting, but like Meg said, a nice glass of chilled cocktail in the evenings will help cheer you up a bit. Also, you could have your darling grandson tell you some stories 😉

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  5. Hope it is better! Sounds like you and Howie have great fun! lol


    1. We have that love/hate thing going on!

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  6. My wife was recently found to have a torn meniscus in one of her knees but after seeing the “success” of her mom’s knee surgeries opted for doing a work-around and just taking better care. It’s no fun but you just have to relearn to slow down and do some things differently…or not at all. This is similar to when I got my herniated disc news a few years back, located in any area where surgery is “dicey” and the return on investment is not likely to be much of an improvement…or paralysis. Therefore I do had to go through a process of the can-dos and cannot-dos. Ice in the drink and ice on the injury with a tad (or in this case Howie) of therapy sounds like the plan for right now. We’re not just all getting older, we’re getting better…at degenerating!

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    1. I know! My doc is like, Diane, at our ages, we have to be careful, blah, blah…I don’t want to play racquetball, but thought I’d be able to walk around for awhile yet lol

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