A Quick Question for Authors/Readers…

I need some help, people!  I’ve been asked to consider author interviews occasionally as I’ve been reviewing.  Any suggestions on questions you’d want to answer?  Or ones you’ve never been asked, or ones you’re always asked and hate answering?  Any ideas are appreciated!

And readers, anything you’d really like to know about an author?


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  1. Are they (author’s ) able to make a living out of their writing?

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    1. Yes, usually the books I’m reviewing come to me through publishers, but I’d be interested in hearing what questions anyone would like to hear. Cause it could be a debut novel and then I guess they’re just hoping to support themselves with their writing!

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    2. That’s a lovely question, Jacqui. I think lots of readers want to know how their support will help an author to continue with their craft. Happy writing to you, Jacqui.

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      1. Thanks my dear and you too 🙂

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  2. Hey Diane! I conducted an author interview with a fellow blogger back in the early fall, I’m attaching the link. I asked questions I was interested in hearing the answers to as a new writer starting out. A reader might be interested in more personal questions but maybe this will help! http://drmegsorick.com/2015/09/21/author-interview-introducing-ana-spoke-author-of-shizzle-inc/


    1. Oh, thank you. Much appreciated! The publisher usually asks you to submit questions ahead of time and I’m never sure what to ask!

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      1. Feel free to use any and all of the ones I asked!

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