Me & JP: Conversations with a 3 Year Old…

20151005_103457I’m considering a weekly feature of conversations with my three-year-old grandson. He and his mom and dad and their English bulldog live with us while their new house is being built. One of the best parts is spending time lying on the bed with him, having a quiet heart to heart.  It makes me hopeful for the next generation.  He is so wise and so much fun!  This was today’s topic:


JP:  Nana, do you have man parts?

Me:  No, I have lady parts like mommy.  You know, girl parts.

JP:  Well, what’s inside your body?  Do you have a butt?

Me:  Yes, everybody does.  Even animals do.  Like Chief and Inga and Tank.

JP:  They have tails, too, Nana, right?

Me:  Right, and bunnies have tails (glad for the subject change)

JP:  And horses have tails and bunnies have little tiny fluffy tails, right?  (In that high pitched, squeaky voice)

Me:  Right.

JP:  And I have man parts, right, Nana?

Me:  Yes, you do.

JP:  Right here (grabbing himself proudly, ala Michael Jackson…)



10 responses

  1. Their innocence is unbeatable 😄

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  2. oh my how adorable!!! 🙂 I think it should be a new segment!


  3. Thank you! It’s endless entertainment and blog material wish I had been writing it down sooner!


    1. Oh, thanks, he is such fun!

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  4. Oh that’s so cute! Yes, I think you should make it a regular feature, too!

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  5. Reminds me of my own two sons (now 30 and 28 yrs. old)….brought tears to my eyes, remembering their sweet innocence! Please share more of JP’s wisdom…some of us are still waiting for the grandkids and glad you’re willing to share yours!

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    1. Oh aren’t you sweet! He’s a doll and very verbal, bet you’ll have some grandkids soon! The kids seem to wait longer now, don’t they, and we’re not getting any younger, lol!


  6. That’s hilarious! And proof that pride in their “man parts” starts young!


    1. My son says he’s just checking to make sure it’s still there;)

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