Rekindle the Flame…

Rekindle the Flame (Hot in Chicago, #0.5)Rekindle the Flame by Kate Meader

My rating:  3.75 of 5 stars

Ever since they were teenagers, there was incredible heat between Darcy Cochrane and Beck Rivera. He wanted to be a firefighter like his foster dad, Sean Dempsey, and she was an heiress in Chicago. And since Beck knew nothing could come of their attraction, he told her he didn’t feel anything for her so that she’d move on to a better life. And too bad if his heart hurt just at the look of betrayal in her eyes.

But Darcy wasn’t interested in her father’s lifestyle and wounded beyond belief by Beck’s declaration, she left town and traveled the world, learning her art from some fabulous tattoo artists. She’s back in the city and meeting her friend for a drink when they run into Beck at a local bar and she finds he realized his dream of becoming a firefighter after all.

And when he’s obviously still attracted to her, she decides that maybe one night before she leaves him will give him a taste of his own medicine. But she finds that’s not really possible when the fire still burns so brightly between them.

This is a cute little novella that precedes the other books in the Hot in Chicago series. It’s short and sweet and a quick holiday read with a nice HEA.  And who better to accompany this review than Elvis? 😉

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