I’d been searching for a great picture that shows how I feel about Black Friday and Charlotte’s picture says it best for me! When my kidlets were little, I sometimes braved the shopping storm for really good deals, but now, somehow, it doesn’t seem as important! Besides, it’s raining…;)

The Introvert's Dictionary

BLACK FRIDAY, n. American version of The Running of the Bulls.

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  1. Oh my word, isn’t that the truth?!? 😆

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    1. I know! Hey, want to do musical Mondays maybe in the month of December? I’ll email you and maybe we can come up with some themes, you know, best holiday song, most obscure, one for each of the last few decades, whatever you think?

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      1. That sounds like fun! I’m in! You have my email? drmegsorick@gmail.com


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