The Hometown Hoax…

The Hometown HoaxThe Hometown Hoax by Heather Thurmeier
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this book about small town life and two people who are on totally different wave lengths about what they want out of life at the beginning of the book.

Tessa Cutter literally collides with Logan Ridley as they are driving into town. She is steaming mad about the car in front of her that stopped for no reason and he accuses her of texting or putting on makeup and not watching where she was going. In the end, it turns out Logan stopped suddenly to avoid hitting a deer and Tessa couldn’t stop fast enough to avoid hitting him!

Tessa had left home years ago to pursue her artistic career in Manhattan and though she still loves painting, her career hasn’t exactly taken off.  But she has no use for her hometown, especially since her old boyfriend had been cheating on her and everyone in town knew except her.  So she fabricated a serious New York boyfriend to keep her family’s questions at bay about moving back home permanently.

Logan had a personal training business in Manhattan and when it fell apart, he decided to try small town living and got a job as coach at the local high school. And the longer he’s there, the more he finds he likes the small town atmosphere, the space and the clean air.

Tessa can’t believe how her family seems to be throwing her and Logan together while she’s home on this visit, even after making it clear that she already has a boyfriend.  Logan suspects there’s more to her story and since her brother had told him all about Tessa, he’s thrilled to finally meet her and find that she’s even more beautiful than he had heard.

Things move rather quickly from this point and Tessa’s family even has her and Logan sharing a cabin on the property because supposedly there’s no other space!  There are some wonderfully cute and sexy moments and I’m sure you’ll enjoy this light-hearted new adult romance about coming home…

This was an ARC from NetGalley and released Monday.

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  1. Your blog is making me wish for more time to read, Thank you so much for sharing!


    1. Thanks! I’m wishing for more time to read right now, too!!

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