Witty Wednesday…

Delicately snorting my Starbucks through my nose…

You can catch up on the Starbucks controversy here.  It’s good we have nothing more important to focus on…



10 responses

  1. Right?!? What a stupid thing for people to get all worked up about!

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  2. Indeed…some people see mountains as molehills.

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    1. I wish people would get as worked up over something that really matters!

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  3. Sigh***has the world really gone completely mad?

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  4. Can you believe the stupidity of the ‘cup controversy’? So silly….

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    1. I know! It’s funny, but really, what if we put as much attention on something like childhood hunger or illiteracy?

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      1. So true…the really important things in life go by the wayside…crazy!

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  5. When a cup starts to dictate how I feel as a Christian or about Christmas, I must have lost it completely. Besides I have a choice, to buy or not to buy.


    1. Exactly. Let’s focus on some real issues!

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  6. Its ridiculous and many important things going on around us!

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