Cute but Predictable HEA Romance…

Your B&B or Mine?Your B&B or Mine? by Melissa West
My rating: 3.75 of 5 stars

Savannah Hale and Logan Park have reluctantly returned to their hometown of Maple Cove, Georgia, both thrilled to see each other and determined to stay away. Savannah used to be Logan’s best friend’s girl — until Will was killed in combat. And even though Savannah was engaged to Will, Logan was the first boy she cared about. But she’s not sure she can ever get past the fact that he’s her former fiancée’s best friend and they got a little too close when they comforted each other after Will’s death.

After her mom dies, a heartbroken Savannah returns to Maple Cove to see what needs to be done about the B&B her family owns, being the take charge sibling. What she finds out is that the B&B is in terrible shape, both physically and financially, and the Hales are going to lose it to an investment company soon if they don’t come up with the money to save it. And Logan, who served with Will, is a guilt-ridden survivor and tries to atone for staying alive when Will didn’t by living the life he thinks his friend wanted. So he’s now working for the company that’s interested in acquiring the hotel, even though he’s not sure that trying to buy it is a good idea. And even though he’s still in love with Savannah after all these years, he can’t bring himself to let her know the truth.

A cute and sweet story with a fairly predictable storyline and, of course, the HEA that all we romance readers love!


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  1. I love sweet romantic stories. Die hard romantic, I am 😊


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