Heartsong Cottage

Heartsong Cottage (Eternity Springs, #10)Heartsong Cottage by Emily March
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

I love revisiting Eternity Springs, where there’s always a gently magical and healing atmosphere. This book is wonderfully written, but a little darker and sadder than some of Ms. March’s stories. Just be forewarned…

Daniel Garrett was a police officer, happily married and with a young son, when the unthinkable happened ten years earlier. Now alone and lonely and so tired of working as a private detective searching for missing children, he comes to town for a friend’s wedding. There he meets Shannon O’Toole, another lonely soul who lost her fiancee in a fall that she suspects wasn’t an accident. She runs the local pub and renovates properties in Eternity Springs, always afraid she may have to move on.

After meeting at the wedding, Daniel and Shannon are drawn together, sensing the loneliness and neediness in each other. But after one sizzling night together, both pull away, afraid at first of becoming involved with someone.

When Daniel comes back to town, he’s working an undercover assignment and Shannon misunderstands his situation and angrily decides he’s not the man she thought he was. And while trying to convince her of the truth, Daniel starts to suspect that Shannon has some secrets of her own.

This book is number ten in the Eternity Springs series and although it revisits some wonderfully familiar characters, it’s not necessary to have read the previous books in the series to enjoy this one.  But, just saying, you might want to read them all!

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  1. Thank you. Good review.


    1. Thank you, I do like her books.

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  2. Sounds like a great read.

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