Falling into November…

Hi, all, we are back from vacation and even though I hated leaving the warm wonderful weather to return to the Midwest and fall and rain last night, I’m still glad to be home!  I have an interesting week coming up.

  • Today we change time and “fall back” to gain an hour so wish I wasn’t up an hour early.  Still on California time, I guess…
  • I was chosen for the dubious honor of jury duty which here means you have to go online or call the evening before to see if you report at 8:30 a.m. and if not, repeat at noon everyday.  So far, I don’t go in at 8:30 Monday.  First time being summoned and I wouldn’t mind the experience, but wish there was a better system where your life was not on hold all week…
  • I cannot wait to start posting pix from the art museum display in Palm Springs entitled Killer Heels, The Art of the High Heeled Shoe.  It was a fabulous exhibit on loan from the Brooklyn Museum and I could have stayed for hours — well, I guess I did!
  • I have some book reviews coming up and some book tours and giveaways…
  • I just won a copy of Brenda Novak’s A Winter Wedding from Goodreads.  If you like free books, check out their giveaways here.  There is every type of book imaginable that you can enter to win.
  • It’s football Sunday!

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  1. Killer Heels — sounds like an interesting exhibit! I’ve always wondered if high heels were ever used as a murder weapon? Some of them truly look deadly, and not just for the wearer.
    Also – I’ve served on a jury before and I don’t ever want to do it again. Frustrating experience, to say the least. (Hey, I might be able to get a blog post out of that! Thanks! 😃)


    1. I’m not sure how the jury system works in AZ, but here in IL it’s very weird and with our state financial crisis, I’m wondering if they’ll hold any trials at all right now — just goofy that you have to check twice a day and then if I have to go in the afternoon, I have to be ready to leave the house and drive 45 minutes away to be there by 1:30! And most of my friends say to just sit there for a day or two and then be dismissed.

      I will post a pix of the shoes with the stainless steel blade heel just for you — definitely could be a weapon!


  2. Have you read Gemma Halliday’s High Heels mysteries? Funny, romantic and suspenseful. Plus she’s a shoe aficionado/shoe designer! A stiletto heel is used as a weapon in the first and third books! PS- Welcome home!


    1. I have not, but sounds like my kind of book. Wait till u see some of these shoes. My DDIL was in heaven!

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      1. Awesome! My high heel wearing days are over, I’m afraid! Unless I’m sure I’ll be sitting most of the evening!

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  3. […] over at Ladies Who Lunch Reviews had jury duty a while back and commented on it here. Which led me to comment on my jury experience, which led us to create a wild notion of posting […]


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