Monday Musings…

I’m on vacation this week with hubby and four other couples so I may not be reading as much, but have some posts scheduled.  We’re in the middle of the Coachella Valley with more than a hundred golf courses.

Now I’ve had exactly four lessons on a driving range because my girlfriend and I had a Groupon last year and was going to try but I’ve twisted my right knee so skipping the golf.  Lots of beautiful scenery here and sand, lots of sand, a tram up the mountain, a street fair, art museum with an exhibit on high heels (very apropos for LWL), cute Mallard ducks wandering the resort and a parade of golf carts 🙂

Looking forward to a week of no dogs, no cooking, nice warm weather and possibly more than a few glasses of wine!  Cheers…


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  1. That sounds wonderful 😊. Enjoy every moment.

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  2. Have a great time!

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  3. Twisted your knee??!! Im so sorry!! I’ll get details later.
    So, this high heel exhibit….Sounds like a magical place to me. I think you should take lots of pics there, if they let you. I may have a pair or two, and might be super jealous…. 🙂


    1. I know, hope I can. I think we’re doing the museum Thursday. Knee is okay, don’t worry!


  4. Hey! I *cough* golf, too! That sounds like a great time! Enjoy!

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  5. Sounds wonderful!

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      1. 🙂 your blog is really cool! I like it and hope you visit me as well


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