A Little Something for TBT… (If you’re longing for summer)

That Chesapeake Summer (Chesapeake Diaries, #9)That Chesapeake Summer by Mariah Stewart
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

In this 9th book of the Chesapeake Diaries Series, self-help writer Jamie Valentine’s main theme has always been honesty and her books have been wildly successful. When her mother dies suddenly, Jamie finds out that her entire life has been based on a huge lie and she finds she can’t move forward with her life or her new book until she at least tries to find out some answers for herself.

Her search leads her to the small seaside town of St. Dennis and she books a long-term stay at the Inn at Sinclair’s Point, an inn built by the Sinclair family and now managed by Daniel Sinclair, a disillusioned widower with some secrets of his own. Daniel is abrupt and rude the first few times that he and Jamie meet and even though he finds her attractive, he senses that she’s not being forthcoming about her reasons for being in St. Dennis. And he’s irritated that everyone in town, including his whole family, seems to find her so charming!

This is a delightfully intriguing book in the series and you don’t have to have read the other eight, but they are all equally delightful and some characters from previous books appear in this one.  Daniel’s mother, Grace, is wonderful in gently manipulating her children’s lives and following her sixth sense. She knows that Jamie and Daniel are perfect for each other as clearly as she knows what’s behind Jamie’s reasons for coming to St. Dennis.  But as always, she knows she must sit back and let their story unfold.   An enjoyable read for a touch of summer in the fall!


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