A Perfect Match…

Unwrapping Her Perfect Match (London Legends, #3.5)Unwrapping Her Perfect Match by Kat Latham
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Gwen Chambers is a very tall, wonderfully good nurse at a London hospital.   As a favor, Gwen agrees to attend a charity function her sister’s running and bid on her sister’s rugby captain boyfriend so no one else will (with her sister’s money, of course!)  And Gwen intends to, she really does, until handsome John Sheldon, the tallest guy on the rugby team of bachelors at the auction, spots her and can’t take his eyes off of her.  Eventually he comes over to talk and begs her to bid on him and she can’t help herself, he makes her feel normal-sized, even delicate, so she bids and wins a date with him.

As they get to know each other, Gwen finds there’s much more to him than his rugby enforcer persona but she’s not at all used to men finding her desirable. After one date, John is certain they are meant to be together, but he’s willing to take things slowly.  But then John is badly injured during a match and brought to the hospital while she’s on duty and Gwen is shocked to realize how worried she is. And when John needs someone to stay with him over Christmas because of his concussion, Gwen volunteers to watch over him the next few days.

When they get to his flat, she’s surprised to learn that John has a young daughter who speaks only French and this year she’s coming to England to spend the holiday with her dad.  John has tried, but never learned to speak French and though he adores his daughter, he’s only able to see her a few times a year.

Luckily Gwen does speak French and in the time they have together, she’s able to bring John and his daughter closer together and they start to feel like a family.  But when John’s agent offers him a chance to permanently move to another team that could mean a chance to be with his daughter on a regular basis, what will that mean for Gwen and John’s burgeoning relationship?


3 responses

  1. Ooooh, I’m sucked in!


  2. Kat offered free copies online for honest reviews. It’s quite good and has a very helpful rugby term glossary for what I find a very confusing sport 😉 I only used to go to games in college cause of the cute guys, but what a bunch of roadies they were!


  3. Or rowdies even…Damn that autocorrect lol


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