Just more of you to love…

The Big Girl's Guide to Buying LingerieThe Big Girl’s Guide to Buying Lingerie by Amie Stuart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

(Warning:  Hot enough to make you blush!)

There’s just more of you to love is so NOT something a woman ever wants to hear, and Jade Ballard is no different. But she has to face it, since she gained a bunch of weight after her ex-fiancé left her at the altar to run off with a stripper, she’s a big girl.  And not just a little bit big. When she’s at Target buying new lingerie, and that annoying rancher, Rowdy Yates, is right behind her in line, that’s when the checker needs a price check on her size 2X panties and 40DD bra!  He can’t resist teasing the cute, chubby brunette who always gives him a cold shoulder and a snooty attitude. Could she be more embarrassed?

Well, yes, apparently she could, cause she hasn’t exactly told the sweet, shy guy she’s been flirting with online what she looks like.  And now, after seven months of exchanging sweet and sexy emails after first meeting at a music site, he wants to meet her in person and she’s not at all sure how he’ll react to how she looks.

So you’ve probably figured by now out that Jade has some self-esteem issues.  It all stems from growing up with a judge for a mom who’s so tightly wound that Jade calls her ma’am rather than mom.  And Her Honor is the one who thought the guy Jade was going to marry was such a treasure that she should try to fix things with him, even after his escape with the exotic dancer.

Here’s what happens, or at least some of the story!  Jade agrees to meet her shy cowboy at a local hang out and tells him she’ll be wearing a red blouse and black and red skirt and she’s looking for a tall, blonde guy in khakis and a dark shirt.  But when she finds that her mystery man is none other than the aforementioned Rowdy, Jade won’t even stay to talk to him and hightails it out of town to meet her family at their country club where they’ve arranged her birthday dinner,

Things start out poorly and gets worse with every drink Jade has and by the time her ex-fiancé shows up to offer her another chance, she blurts out that she’s been seeing a big, handsome guy and they just got engaged. She’s planning to wait a decent time and tell HH and her dad they broke things off, but her mom shows up in town to meet this man she says she’s marrying. In desperation, Jade grabs Rowdy at the bar and begs him to go along with the charade and he reluctantly agrees — but for a very interesting price.

Turns out Rowdy has a loud and crazy family and some issues of his own about how he grew up.  And the more time they spend together, the more he and Jade find that their preconceived ideas about each other just might be wrong.

There’s lots of humor and lots of sex and, be warned, the heat level is pretty high.  (You might even have want to read some parts in the privacy of your own room!)   A fun, funny, super-sexy read where it’s nice to see a chubby girl get the hot guy…


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