Monday musings on Tuesday…

I was at the grocery store in my suburban Chicago town the other day and a nicely dressed, older (well, older than me) gentleman was behind me.  He only had a few items so I offered to let him go ahead of me in the express aisle and he said, no, he was retired and had no reason to hurry.  Said his wife would just find more chores around the house for him to do when he got there.

So, being chatty, I asked how long he’d been retired and he said all of three weeks and he was already going bonkers.  Yes, lovely British accent.  We talked about how not having to drive in our winter weather would be nice (he used to drive to the airport everyday) which is not close.  And I told him how I used to take the train into the city for work and didn’t miss doing that anymore, although it was fun when I was younger.

He said his wife was Canadian and we talked about Canadian Thanksgiving and the fact that they eat the same food as we do — how disappointing for me to hear.  It should at least involve moose or squirrel (grin)!   He said they’d lived in Canada for a number of years and also New York before coming here and he did not miss England at all.  I said, oh, I think people here are fascinated with the royal family and all the pageantry and he said that was just rubbish, because they’re not even English, they’re German!  He also told me that what he disliked most about Britain was the class system, how you were judged based on your accent and where you were from.

I didn’t really know that was still true.  My big interest in Great Britain was, of course, the British Invasion of musical groups like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and the whole counter-culture revolution thing from the 60s.  I know, woefully lacking…  Any thoughts on this?  As for me, I have to say it was the most fun I’ve had in the express aisle in a long time 🙂


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  1. I’m obsessed with British TV: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Humans and my latest preoccupation Poldark! Three words: Aidan Turner shirtless!!!!!

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  2. Well, that sounds like an interesting chat 😄I I like to jaw jaw with perfect strangers too. Some do make very interesting diversion.

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  3. Current British TV Obsession: “The Sweeney?” It’s John Thaw before he was “Inspector Morse” Will go well with the counter culture 60’s theme.

    Lovely post.

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