Sunday is not Funday…

Okay, two things…

I am, sadly, a Chicago Bears fan and if you watch football at all, you know how hard that is — and the very first full game I ever watched was when the Bears won the Super Bowl in the 80s, so it’s been kind of downhill from there.  Oh, how we loved the Superbowl Shuffle…

Blogwise, all I want to do is type something like check this out, and when you click on this it takes you to the site.  What in the heck is that called and how do I do it?  (I signed up already for the November repeat of Blogging 201 to which I will pay more attention this time, if I don’t have nail or hair appointments, 🙂 )  Just kidding —

LATE ADDITION: With the help of dear Dr. Meg, I was able to do a link in my post for tomorrow. Small celebration and endzone dance here!!


5 responses

  1. It’s the “link” icon in the toolbar when you’re typing your draft. When you click the “link” button, it will bring up a box that asks you to type or paste the URL you want to embed in your post and then what text you want it attached to.

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    1. Yes, yes I finally did it by myself! But only in a post, not in the sidebar widget, I guess, couldn’t get that to work…


      1. There’s a way to make a custom widget, I did it so the images of my books could be clicked on to go straight to Amazon. Go to widgets in your customizer, there is a step by step walk through for setting it up!

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  2. OMG, there’s more — and I was already dancing


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