The WD-40 Effect…

Wedding Date for Hire (Anyone But You, #2)Wedding Date for Hire by Jennifer Shirk
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

This is such a well done, funny book about Maddie McCarthy, a girl known as “Fatty Maddie” back in high school, a girl who had some really embarrassing things happen, like a prom “date” that never materialized, even after she bought the dress. Oh, and he was the star of the football team and all-around jerk.

Fast forward 12 years and Maddie is still apparently cursed by the WD-40 effect (you know, where men just slip away). She’s lost her boyfriend and then her job. Oh, and her younger sister has found the man of her dreams and maid of honor Maddie won’t even have a date for the wedding.

After some snide remarks about the curse by a cousin, Maddie blurts out that she’s been dating a wonderful hunky guy and she’s bringing him to the wedding. Now all she needs is to dig up a wonderful, hunky guy to pretend to be her wedding date for a five-day affair at her sister’s future in-laws’ estate.

Maddie can’t believe she’s sunk so low as to have to use a dating service, but, hey, she’s single, 30, jobless and living at home with her mom, so what’s one more humiliation? She arranges with the dating service owner, Kennedy, to meet her date at a local gym. And who’s the guy?  Ack, it’s Trent Montgomery, high school football star and former tormentor, who is actually Kennedy’s cousin and not really an escort. And unbeknownst to Maddie, Trent very reluctantly agreed to help his cousin out at the last minute and take the client to her sister’s wedding.

Once he sees cute little Maddie and doesn’t even recognize her from high school, he’s not too reluctant anymore. She’s blonde and curvy and looking very kissable — and absolutely horrified at the idea that he’s to be her date. What the heck? He’s not used to girls being even a little uninterested, let alone horrified to be seen with him.

So now he’s the one doing the begging, cause Maddie remembers him very well and says she’d rather not have a date at all than go with him to the wedding. But of course she doesn’t really mean that and since he’s her only option, they agree to go ahead with the plan. Trent cringes when Maddie reminds him of all the awful things he and his friends did in school and assures her that he’s not an immature jerk anymore.

As they spend time together before the wedding festivities, a definite sizzle starts to develop, but could Maddie ever see Trent as anything but a hired date?


3 responses

  1. This looks like my kind of book! Have you ever read Gemma Halliday? She writes a funny/sexy/sweet series: “High Heels Mysteries” not to add to your ever growing book pile or anything!


    1. I don’t know her but that does sound good! I like mysteries and chick lit, too; variety is nice 🙂

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  2. OMG!! WD-40? Hillarious!!!! Sounds like a a fun read. 🙂

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