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Today I met three of my female cousins for — bet you can’t guess — lunch!  Our second annual get together and such fun to catch up.  Even though we’re fairly close in age, we are all at different places in life.  Some married or in relationships, some with kids, some with grandkids, some of us working, some retired.  But when you share that family bond, when you see each other it’s like no time has passed and you feel like you could talk for hours (and we did!)  Think we won’t wait a whole year for our next lunch!



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  1. My cousins closest to my age have their own lives and live far away. But when we all lived around the same area, we would get together with all our relatives at grandma’s house. After my grandmother passed away, we didn’t have those large get togethers anymore. I miss that!

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    1. I know, everybody gets so busy and its hard. We have two other girl cousins who don’t live close but wish we could all get together. Twice a year is all everyone thinks they can manage now!


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