Monday Musings…

Some random Monday thoughts…

Going on vacation at the end of October to Palm Desert/Palm Springs area of California.  Any suggestions on places to eat, drink, shop, visit, photograph?  I am SO looking forward to this trip!   Not that I don’t love them — but no kids, no dogs!!  There will be ten of us going — some of my ladies who lunch and our spouses, so enough people that we sometimes split up during the day and meet up later for dinner and everyone doesn’t have to do the same things.  Any age-appropriate suggestions are welcome.  I will, of course, take your ideas with a grain of salt (and probably a few margaritas 🙂 )   I thought I would be doing some hiking, but one of the hubbies kept talking about the snakes there, so don’t know if I’ll be brave enough now…

I’m trying to refine my book review system a little, and use increments rather than just 3, 4, 5 because lately I feel like I’d been rating nearly everything a 4!  I really don’t like to rate a book as a 5 unless I feel it’s exceptionally well written and you should not miss the chance to read it.

And I feel a 3 means a book is rather ho-hum and I hate to use that number, because I think people would never give those books a chance.  And sometimes what’s not my cup of tea might be yours!

That said, everything can’t be a 4 — very good, but not fabulous in my humble opinion.  I’m not sure I can really explain the difference between a 3 and a 3.25 or a 3.75 and a 4, so you’ll have to use your own judgement here.  I’m sure that was extremely edifying for anyone who’s still paying attention, 😉

2235731Feeling like Dory (from Finding Nemo) lately, but about books.  (The chocolate reference is a whole other thing and I’m not sure I could explain it to the guys but you ladies know what I mean, LOL!)  I’ve got so many ARCs (those are advance reading copies) to read — I think I may be down to 12, but then I’ll get an email from a publisher offering me more or I look at NetGalley and see new books available and there’s always something that looks good so I sign up for it and poof, my list of books to read just increased!  And that’s not including books I’ve bought or checked out or borrowed or read in the past that I’d like to review.  I haven’t gotten to the point where I would offer my services to authors to review books — maybe I never will, but hey, I’m new here…


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