One More Kiss…

One More Kiss (White Pine, #2.5)One More Kiss by Kim Amos
My rating: 3.75 of 5 stars

Cute, easy read about the characters of White Pine, with an interesting twist in that the gorgeous hero, Randall Sondheim, is the tattooed town pastor and you just don’t see that many romances where the hero is a man of God. It made for a nice read to see a pastor portrayed as someone with the same feelings and urges of any other man and the girl who’s caught his eye as someone who can appreciate him as just a regular guy.

Betty Lindstrom is that girl and she really catches the pastor’s eye with the banner that she orders and has hung outside her fabric store advertising a new shipment of satin fabric right before her favorite holiday, Halloween. The banner is hung before she sees it and when she starts getting strange looks and comments all around town, she realizes it’s because of the misprint that says, “Satan is here,” and it’s in huge letters above her store.

Randall is out that morning, notices the sign and understands immediately that it’s a mistake when he sees Betty frantically trying to take it down. He hurries over to help her out and is shocked at how quickly his attraction to her escalates to what he is afraid might be an inappropriate level for him — especially with the secrets about his past that he’s carrying.

It makes for a fun time to see how these two come together like magnets every time they’re near each other, even though Randall at first fights his feelings and Betty misinterprets his reluctance to get involved for disinterest. But, as in any good romance, stick around for the ending, because it all works out!


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