Now that’s what I call a package …

Unwrapped (Hunk for the Holidays, #3)Unwrapped by Katie Lane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Let’s just say it’s Halloween and you’ve run away from another of your weddings and you crash your sister’s car and walk through a blizzard to a creepy, deserted-looking cabin in your filthy, soggy wedding dress and the cabin door opens. Standing on the other side is a big, shirtless guy in a kilt who snarls, “Trick or treat.” You notice he’s got fangs and:

1. Run screaming into the night only to realize you have nowhere to go
2. Force yourself to take a bubble bath to warm up and find nothing to wear but his shirt
3. Agree to sleep on the couch, but let yourself be sweetly seduced during the night by Patrick, the Scottish “vampire” who’s snugged up against you
4. End up with morning sickness weeks later but know that can’t be right, because Twilight notwithstanding, everyone knows that vampires can’t reproduce…

Well, that’s how this crazy fun book begins and if your name is Jacqueline Danielle Maguire, you did all those things. Just for some background, Jac and her sister, Bailey, were jokingly named by their hard-up bartender mother. After her death when they were young, the girls were shuttled around to various relatives and finally ended up with a wealthy, disdainful aunt. Now that she’s passed away, they could inherit billions of dollars if they agree to marry someone of a “certain social standing” by the end of the year. Bailey, a lawyer, is not at all interested. Jac has tried, but can’t quite make it to the altar for a sham marriage to someone she doesn’t love.

And Patrick MacPherson is the only sibling in his family not yet married, but his Aunt Louise is doing her best to change that by sending every available girl his way, even though he’s made it clear he’s not interested in anything permanent.
So back to Halloween.  Early the next day, Patrick left the fishing cabin to get coffee (and other supplies!) while Jac was still asleep. He hurried back from the store with the coffee and plans to rekindle his heated night and finds no one there. He cynically decides that Jac left because she just wasn’t that interested. He doesn’t know that Bailey had been bullying the local Sheriff’s Department to locate her car and find out what had happened to her sister on Halloween night, and that they tracked her to the cabin and were able to get her and her luggage on a plane back to New York.

Since Jac didn’t see Patrick when she awoke in the morning, she assumed he wasn’t that interested and had just gone to work. She decides she’ll keep their lovely, sexy night a private memory and return home, determined to quit wishing there could be something more between them after all that wonderful chemistry!

When time confirms she really is pregnant, Jac goes back to Denver to track Patrick down and find out what kind of man the father of her child really is (and if he still has fangs!)

The somewhat flaky Jac drags her platonic best friend, Gerald, with her to Denver to find Patrick. All she really knows is the truck in his driveway had M&M Construction on the side. Jac and Geri find Patrick on a job site and pretend to be a married couple (with her in a black wig) interested in building a house.  Stepping onto the site leads to a bump on her head from a falling thermos, a trip to the emergency room where her identity and pregnancy are revealed and a whole lot of heat flaring up between Patrick and Jac.

What’s best for baby and parents from this point on is up for grabs and everyone in both families has an opinion.  The holiday season just got a whole lot more interesting for Jacqueline Maguire and Patrick MacPherson and their families and a whole lot more enjoyable for us!

A fun and funny book with lots of hot, steamy scenes, quirky characters and reasons to believe in happily ever after.


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