Sexy Highland Romp…

Some Like it Scot (Scandalous Highlanders, #4)Some Like it Scot by Suzanne Enoch
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Munro MacLawry is brawny and rowdy and lately he’s feeling kind of annoyed that his brothers have gotten softer as they’ve married and had children. Not that he loves them any less, it’s just that someone like him, big enough to have earned the nickname Bear, doesn’t quite know what he’ll do with himself as the Highlands are changing.  He’s 27, with a reputation for more brawn than brain, and hasn’t found a girl in the village that would suit him — not for lack of trying, you understand!

Then one day he’s out hunting and someone else shoots the deer he’s tracking right out from under him. And when he follows the fellow back to the ruins of an old keep nearby, he finds that the fellow is really a trousers-wearing female and she gets the drop on him again, threatening the giant man with her musket if he comes any closer.

Munro isn’t sure what the girl’s secret is but he sympathizes with her obvious fear and reluctance to meet with him, even though he knows he’d make sure nothing would happen to her. But he doesn’t know that Catriona MacColl is hiding her half-sister, Elizabeth, in the abandoned keep or that she spirited Elizabeth out of England to help her avoid an arranged marriage.

The usually boyish Cat’s never met a man who appreciated her for the female she is until she meets her Bear. And Bear finally finds his redheaded wildcat, someone spirited enough to hold his interest. But can Bear and his brothers figure out how to help the MacColl sisters without bringing about a clan war?

A fun and sexy romp in the Highlands with enough Scottish brogue to really get you in the spirit!


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