A Christmas Caper…

Snowbound at Christmas (Christmas, Colorado, #5)Snowbound at Christmas by Debbie Mason
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cat O’Connor is an ex-cop who now works as assistant/bodyguard to her twin sister on Chloe’s soap opera, a job that Cat is finding pretty boring until there are some attempts on Chloe’s life. Being identical twins, the two have occasionally changed places and it does come in handy when Chloe wants to audition for a life changing role and can’t be gone from the soap set. The two exchange identities and keep it secret so Chloe’s not violating her contract.

No matter if Cat is playing herself or her sister, she feels a zing of electricity whenever she’s around the mysterious new Brit co-star, Grayson Alexander, who’s really an undercover FBI agent. And Chloe is in heaven when he and his “agent”, British actress Dame Alexander show up, what with her Anglophile addiction and Gray being 98th in line to the British throne!

Various mishaps ensue on the set, with mysterious notes and accidents, until the whole cast ends up filming in the girls’ hometown of Christmas, Colorado, just in time for the holiday season. Cat still can’t figure out who might be interested in hurting her sister, and she doesn’t want Chloe to know that someone might be stalking her because, let’s face it, Chloe is dramatic enough without any added inspiration.

With everyone staying on the big and beautiful O’Connor ranch, snow-filled days and warm and cozy fire-lit nights, not to mention decorating for the holidays, is it any wonder that snuggling leads to romance between Gray and Cat? But there’s still the matter of who and why someone is trying to hurt Chloe they need to solve.

This is the first Debbie Mason book I’ve read and it was a frisky, fun, Christmasy caper. It stands alone just fine, but I would like to check out the previous four books in this series — I think there are a lot of fabulous stories in Christmas, Colorado!


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