Totes Adorbs!

Doing It for Love (All About Love, #1)Doing It for Love by Cassie Mae
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Seriously girl crushing here on author Cassie Mae. This book about young couple Liz and Landon is totes adorbs, as my kids say! Liz and Landon met in a college drama class when he accidentally pulled out the chair she was going to sit on, earning her the nickname Tumbles. They went out a few times and it was like they’d found their soul mates. Moving in together just seemed the natural progression. Life is fun and exciting and they complement each other perfectly. They’re just starting out in careers, with Liz working in retail while she tries to decide what to do in life and Landon following his dream of producing a film using grant money.

Then Landon proposes, nervously popping the question in the shower, Liz ecstatically says yes, and the celebration that follows is, shall we say, not as satisfying as it could be. Liz has been secretly worried that their love life had gotten a little mundane and now she’s convinced that unless she takes drastic steps, the spark between them will fizzle. So Liz sweetly convinces a reluctant Landon to try a sex moratorium until the wedding night.

Finding the perfect dress, meeting the future in-laws, booking a venue, planning a honeymoon, all start adding more stress to their already overworked lives. And neither wants to ask their families for help financially, so that means more and more overtime for the always increasing budget. Gosh, what could they do to help relieve some stress?

Landon is sure that Liz won’t continue to follow through with her no touching rule, but he doesn’t know just how worried she is that they’ve lost that elusive spark. And when Liz finally finds the perfect wedding venue, the first available date is January, so she books it using a good chunk of their savings for a down payment. What could be better than a picture-perfect winter wedding followed by a warm and sunny beachy honeymoon?

Nothing. Except that the Sundance Film Festival is in January and Landon can’t imagine not going, even if it means having a honeymoon in ski country. They decide that whoever caves first on the “no sex until the wedding rule” gets to pick the honeymoon destination – and enticing each other to fail is just part of the fun!

Anyone who has been in a relationship will understand what these two are going through. I just fell in love with this sweet, funny, laugh out loud story and all the wonderfully written characters. My first Cassie Mae book, but definitely not my last!


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