Hot in Chicago…

Playing with Fire (Hot in Chicago, #2)Playing with Fire by Kate Meader
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Firefighter Alexandra Dempsey is constantly sheltered by her overprotective foster brothers, teased by her male coworkers and not looked at too kindly by the other firefighters’ wives and girlfriends who see her as a threat. Can she help it she’s a great-looking, competent woman in a male-dominated career? Even the young, attractive mayor, Eli Cooper, has been none too politically correct about his feelings on what careers women should have. Unfortunately, since he’s her boss, she can’t just kick him in the shins (or worse!) the way she’d really like. And since she’s spoken out about the unfairness, Eli’s re-election numbers have been dropping, particularly with the unions.

Everything changes the day Alex saves Eli’s life after responding to a call and, being the big, macho guy that he is, he underestimates how long it will take him to get out of the building. After seeing how positive the press coverage is, Eli approaches Alex with an interesting proposition – spend some time with him, date him, enjoy each other in the public eye and really seal the deal for his successful re-election. In return, he makes a difficult situation go away, a situation where Alex ruined a business honcho’s very expensive car. There are some twists and turns and secrets on both sides to make their story even more interesting.

Sexy, lighthearted read set in the very political city of Chicago, Illinois.  And the cover is not half-bad, either!


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