An Unexpected Delight…

Her Unexpected DetourHer Unexpected Detour by Kyra Jacobs
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Someone at Kayla Daniel’s Ft. Wayne advertising job wants to cause trouble for her – enough trouble to get her suspended. She’s so furious that when they ask her to take an unpaid leave, she gets in her car and just keeps on driving, right to Mount Pleasant, Michigan where her brother, Tommy lives.

She didn’t think about the roads being so icy, though, and when her car skids off the road and she can’t get any cell reception there’s no choice but to start walking. When hunky Brent Masterson sees a car down in a ditch, he knows he can’t just drive by, even though he’d really rather not get involved. But when he sees it’s the gorgeous brunette he saw earlier at the diner in town and she’s slipping along the icy road in a skirt and high heels, he KNOWS he shouldn’t get involved. Of course he can’t just drive by, so he grits his teeth and insists that he give her a ride.

They end up at his Grandma Ruby’s bed and breakfast that Brent has been busy fixing up to reopen. Ruby insists on feeding Kayla and offering her a room for the night. And after Ruby sees them together, she knows this is the girl for her gruff grandson.

Kayla’s mom died when she was a young girl and her dad lives near her apartment in Ft Worth, IN and she wants to get back home so he’s not alone, even though she knows she could fall in love with Brent and the beautiful old bed and breakfast. And Brent’s suffered some major losses in his life and tells himself he will not, cannot get involved with this enticing girl. So when his attractive and glib cousin Miles meets and effortlessly flirts with Kayla, why does it bother Brent so much?

A very cute and quick read with a sweet, small town Midwestern setting. I loved all the characters, especially spunky Ruby, the hostess with the mostest!

One response

  1. If a man came along and saved me from the combination of ice and high heels, I’d definitely swoon!


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