Great Scot!

The Highlander's Woman (The Reckless Rockwoods #3)The Highlander’s Woman by Monica Burns
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A passionate and endearing story of the love between Julian MacTavish and his half-Scottish wife, Patience, whom he marries against his father’s wishes. Their marriage is passionate and steamy and wonderful, except that after a year there’s still no heir in sight.

When Julian’s father directs him to search for a childhood friend and promise to protect her secrets, Julian weaves some complicated half truths to keep from having to tell Patience of his whereabouts. It doesn’t help that Patience has the “second sight” like many in her family and can see flashes of a red haired woman, a baby, a fire and carriage wheels, but has no way to understand what they mean.

Patience fears that Julian has been unfaithful to her while he was gone and she leaves him to stay with her sister’s family. A terrible fire breaks out at her sister’s home and, in saving her nieces and nephews, Patience is terribly burned on her face and arm. Julian cannot tear himself away from her side while she recuperates, but she eventually sends him away rather than have him stay out of what she thinks is pity.

Months later, though, when Julian loses his sight in an accident, Patience rushes to his side. She finally begins to understand what she’s put him through when Julian refuses her help and fears her pity. Patience vows to find a way to make her husband realize that she’s never stopped loving him and that they were meant to always be together.


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