Monday musings…

Just came across the word librocubularist online and it turns out it’s an old-fashioned word, a noun meaning “someone who reads in bed.”  Who knew?

Since I’ve been reviewing and blogging, I find that I’m reading a lot of the time and I do like to read in bed, but only if I’m using my tablet and the television is low or off and I can get my pillows just right so my neck doesn’t hurt!

I also have a special place in the corner of my couch that’s perfect for reading a real printed book — good lighting, a chaise to put my feet up on and a table for drinks or snacks.  I can read on planes, but never, ever in the car (if you get carsick, you know what I mean!)

Best place by far is on vacation, at the pool or beach, a comfy chair, somewhere warm and sunny, under a big umbrella, with a gorgeous guy to bring me a really big drink of the day — yum!  But I digress, 😉

Where’s your favorite place to read??


2 responses

  1. I like the beach chair someplace sunny too! One of my favorite places, believe it or not, is the salon. Sitting there in a surprisingly comfy chair, losing myself in a story & blocking out all of the loud hair dryers & chatter; The time flies by & before I know it, I’ve got 2-3 more chapters done, & I’m ready for a wash & style!

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  2. I have a room which has windows on two sides and I like to go there and re4ad, it is so quiet.


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