Who doesn’t love a guy in (or out) of uniform?

SEAL's Honor (Take No Prisoners, #1)Seal’s Honor, Seal’s Desire and Seal’s Embrace  by Elle James

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Seal’s Honor — Helicopter pilot Delaney O’Connell and Navy Seal Reed Tucker worked together on many dangerous missions and both definitely live for the moment and the adrenaline rush. Soon, tho, the spark between them ignites into a full blown affair, something neither of them expects or wants. So when Tucker’s friend and fellow Seal decides that Delaney is the girl for him, Tuck inwardly seethes but can’t bring himself to claim Delaney. And when his friend asks Delaney to marry him and she doesn’t say yes but she doesn’t say no, what’s Tuck to think?

Seal’s Desire — Navy Seal Remy LaDue was always a little bit in love with Mitchell Sanders. But she was in love with his friend Decker and Remy wouldn’t poach a friend’s girl. When Decker is killed on a mission, Remy and Mitchell seek comfort from each other – and comfort leads to so much more! They deal with the guilt of bad timing and their mutual attraction by emailing and Skyping and agree to meet for Valentine’s Day if neither has a date. But NCIS agent Mitchell is undercover at a strip club the day before Valentine’s Day when Remy and his Seal buddies go out to blow off some steam, and after the initial shock of recognizing Mitchell in her teeny tiny outfit, Remy is drawn into her plan to rescue a friend she believes was taken in a human trafficking scheme in Virginia Beach.

Seal’s Embrace — Ceasar Sanchez has the hots for Army nurse Lt. Erin McGee and he just might be creating little injuries to keep on seeing her while she patches him up while out of country. Sanchez is seriously injured along with a captured and severely injured Taliban leader they need to keep alive in order to question, McGee accompanies them on a Medivac flight to Landstuhl, in Germany and as Sanchez recovers, he and McGee try to fight their attraction for each other and end up fighting for their lives against terrorists who try to storm the hospital.

I read this as part of a boxed set.  Lots of military action and terminology — the books were action packed and filled with hot, hot love scenes.  If you’re a Cindy Gerard and/or Lori Foster fan, check out these books!


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