Review of Every Step She Takes by Jannine Gallant

Every Step She Takes (Who's Watching Now, #2)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dedicated reporter Grace Hanover would do almost anything for a story. So when an informant passes on gossip she heard from the girlfriend of a witness in a high profile drug case, Grace is off to Alaska to find informant Casey Sutton and scoop everyone with her story. She unwittingly is seated next to Travis Barnett on a plane to Alaska, former Navy Seal turned PI, who’s been hired to locate Casey and move him from his formerly safe location.

Arriving at the remote Alaskan location, both Grace and Travis come up with reasonable stories about why they are there, but neither wants to share the truth. Soon they find themselves trekking through the wilderness, one following the other, and eventually working together to find Casey. Things get really dangerous when someone starts shooting at them. Everyone else at the remote fishing resort has to be considered a suspect and until they can locate Casey, it’s trust no one, suspect everyone.
This is an entertaining romantic suspense, with touches of humor, a beautiful leading lady who can’t help being driven by her career and a gorgeous hero who finds himself thoroughly exasperated as he tries to do his job and keep Grace safe.

Received this book as an ARC from the publisher.


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  1. This sounds like a great story! Will have to check it out.

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