Review of Tangled by Emma Chase

Tangled (Tangled, #1)
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Guy meets girl at a bar, tries to hook up, she’s not interested…Then come Monday, our girl, Kate, is the new associate at our guy’s (Drew’s) FATHER’S banking firm. Talk about awkward, especially for Drew, who’s used to getting everything he wants in life and what he really wants now is Kate. But she’s in a tepid, long term engagement to a high school boyfriend and isn’t ready to break it off or move forward.

The book is written from Drew’s point of view and is hilariously spot on, as anyone with a boyfriend, husband or brothers will attest. And as Kate’s outspoken best friend points out, all males are either boys (who never really grow up), guys (who just want to hook up) or men, who are the ultimate mature male that every woman really wants. Drew knows he’s always been a guy, but he’s not really sure if he can (or even if he wants to) become a mature male who can be part of a real relationship.

Family and friends are lots of fun, too — DeeDee, Kate’s sexy-scary chemist friend who assures Drew she will poison him if he hurts her friend; Drew’s sister, Alexandra, otherwise known by him as The Bitch, who can annihilate his friends with just a look and her sweetie pie little daughter who carries around the Bad Word jar and can put herself through college on Uncle Drew’s contributions alone.

Lots and lots of hot sex, lots of laughs and even some tears. A must read, fun romance!


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  1. Love the line about the bad word jar & Uncle Drew! Looks like one I’ll have to pick up soon.


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